Writing in the Dark

It’s tough being a writer.  Especially when your not making a living as a writer, like me.  

I have a full time job, 2.5 kids(anyone who has more than one child gets the .5 joke), aging parents and a community that needs me.  Social activism and volunteering are a part of my life, mostly due to the fact that I am just self centered enough to think if I don’t organize the book fair or clean up the park the social fabric of our world will disintegrate.   But despite all of that, if you asked me point blank “Who are you?”  I would answer…”A writer.” I’m sure there are millions of women just like me.  Maybe not writers, but singers, artists, dancers, etc.  All toiling away behind desks or retail counters, etc., etc., etc. 

But all of this does beg the question, “When do you have time to write?”   There are moments during the day when I might have 5 or 10 minutes to spare, but I don’t use that time for writing, I use it for daydreaming, which is essential for writing.  My actual sit down writing time is roughly 4am.  Yep, 4am to 530am…pretty much every day.  It’s the best time for me.  

At 4am no one is up.  No one.  Not even my dogs.  They just lie there on the floor of the living room snoring softly.  Other than that there is not a sound.  No traffic noise, no leaf blowers, nothing.  This stillness, this lack of humanity allows me to crawl inside my stories.  I  can enter into them in such a way that is nothing short of miraculous.  I can smell the Georgia pines while sitting on the front porch of a minor character’s house in one story or taste the sea air while drinking coffee with the villain in another story.  I can even have drinks with one of my heroines, trying to set her straight about her newest love interest. 

The dark provides me with freedom.  The sun robs me of that freedom and the twilight only reminds me that I have to wait a little while longer before I can run down the rabbit holes again.


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