Today, I got good news. I received an email that said this:

This is [name] from Chupa Cabra House Publishing. I’d like to thank you again for your submission to our eco-horror anthology Growing Concerns, and am quite pleased to inform you that your story has been accepted for inclusion. The Wisteria has been one of my favorite submissions for this anthology, and I am recommending it for the opening story. Fantastic work! I hope our readers will enjoy it just as much.

Here’s the thing – I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t writing. I tell myself bedtime stories every night and the ones that stick with me get written down. But even though I’ve always fantasized about being a writer, I never took it seriously.

A few years ago, I did quite a bit of “for fun” writing, shared among friends, and it was the positive response I got that made me start thinking about being serious about it. Even then, I lacked some confidence. Could I actually write? Or were all my ideas coming from the group?

Then one day we realized the wisteria vine in our backyard was starting to damage the house with a rather creepy determination. At about that same time, I saw a “call for submissions” for an anthology of eco-horror stories. It seemed like a good fit.

And I was accepted! This is validating on a lot of levels. I can write, I can write to specifications, and I can write well enough to be selected!

It may be a small thing and yes, I’m bragging – but this was a big thing for me. This is validating me in ways I needed, gave me the confidence to continue pursuing the prize – a published novel!


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