My Writing Tools, part 1

photo 1

Ever curious about how a writer gets things done, or what a writer needs to keep the words flowing? I’m about to give a glimpse into my world to answer that question.

This picture above is my desk. And a quick glance will show you that, yes, the rumors are true.

  1. Writers need a supply of coffee (or tea). That’s what the mug is for. I like coffee in the morning, decaf in the afternoon, and tea in the evening. Sometime, remind me to take a photo of my tea collection. It’s quite extensive. I’m a bit of an addict.
  2. Writers need sugar or other snacks. I am slightly (but not overly) embarrassed to admit that I bought candy corn recently. I haven’t eaten candy corn in ages, and won’t again for a really long time. But this year, I was craving it. God knows why. But typically, I like a little chocolate or some fruit to keep me going.
  3. Writers need pen, paper, and/or computers. You may or may not be able to see it from the photo, but I use all three. Usually, I type on my computer when I’m drafting, but I do have to admit… Sometimes the use of pen and paper is refreshing. When I write longhand, I use pens, usually blue or black ink. It’s easier to read than pencil in low light, and it’s more permanent. If I make a mistake or change my mind about the words, I can always cross things out.
  4. Writers need mental breaks. That’s what the foosh ball is for. (Is that a word? Is that the spelling? I really should look it up, but as you can see, I didn’t take a photo of my dictionary because it’s not on my desk. Bad writer! Bad, bad, bad.)
  5. Writers need chapstick. Well, okay, need chapstick. Maybe you don’t. But we all have those comfort items that make us happy. And if you keep them near your writing space, it’s much more convenient.
  6. Writers need support. You can’t see it in the photo, but there is a small picture of my brother on the desk. He’s one of the reasons I write. There are many others. It’s good to have people around you who encourage you to write and who love that part of you.

Do you have any tools you keep around to get through your work day, writing or not?


One thought on “My Writing Tools, part 1

  1. I agree completely with this list. My mental break is a game of some sort. Sudoku on my phone or a flash game on the computer. I really am working on my writing while playing that game. I promise.

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