For the love of Lavender




My friend recently decided she wanted to get into dog breeding.  I wasn’t sure I was all for it.  Dog breeding seems so mercenary and elitist in a way.  But my friend is kindness incarnate and such an animal lover I knew if she did it, it would be done right!

She purchased a silver lab and set about finding the sweet girl a hot date.  Eventually, all roads did lead to Rome and a litter of ten healthy puppies arrived.  I asked to see them…a big mistake!   There they were… ten warm, snuggly, balls of silver gray fur which made little whimpering sounds while they scooted around with their little eyes glued shut.   I was doomed!

In order to keep them all straight she put a tiny collar on each one; one color for each.  I picked up the one with the black collar, adorable!  I picked up the one with the green collar, too cute!  I picked up the one with the pink collar, what a sweetie!  Then I picked up the one with the light purple collar….the angels sang and shaft of white light shone upon me.  I had fallen in love!  Right then I named the little puppy Lavender.  Despite the fact that it is not the most manly name for a little boy, it stuck.  Now everyone who knows about the puppies calls him Lavender.

I have named him.  I think about him.  My friend sends me pictures of him.  I worry about him, but I will never, ever get to take him home.  First off I already have two wonderful dogs and in order to keep them in the style they are accustomed I can’t afford another dog.  Also, my friend already has several people who have left deposits on the puppies and the system is set up to be pick of the litter.  Someone may decide that Lavender is also the puppy of their dreams!

Love is funny, isn’t it?  Out of all those wonderful puppies I truly felt that Lavender and I connected from the first.  Was it chemical, psychological, biological or mystical?  I guess I will never know.  But if you happen to be the one who is lucky enough to take home the puppy with the light purple collar- remember this….his name is Lavender and I loved him very much.


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