Families and writing

Okay, let’s be honest here…families can be tough!

They can be wonderful, but they can be tough.   My family, for example, is pretty close.  We didn’t use to be and for that I am grateful.  It’s just that sometimes….I don’t know where they stop and I begin.

Yesterday was Sunday.  We usually go to church in the morning, but due to weather and all we decided to go to the evening service instead.  This meant that I should have had about 4 to 5hrs of free time to write.  Note, I said “should have.”  Instead I got about 2hrs.  Not that I am not grateful for the 2hrs, trust me I am!

But my family has a thing about my writing.  Not that they would ever admit….

In theory they are very supportive and proud of me!  My husband always does his best to adjust his schedule so I can make my critique group, my kids proudly tell their friends about my stories on Amazon, my parents give me encouragement, my cousin’s ask to read my stuff.  They just seem to not actually want me to write!  The time it takes me to put words to paper is somehow too much to ask of them.

Yesterday when I  grabbed the laptop and announced I was headed to write, the first question I got was, “How long will you do that today?”

“Why?” I asked “Do you need me for something?”

“No,” they responded casually.  “We just want to know.”

My Mother saw me and asked what in the world I was doing sitting down at the computer when I had free time.   Gee, that was kind of the point, Mom.

When I started to write I suddenly became the only one in the house who could answer all the pressing questions.  “Have you let the dogs out lately? Do I have to have juice or can I have strawberry soda instead?  Strawberry is a fruit, Mom!  Do we have eggs?  Would you like a bagel for breakfast?  Want to go with me to get it?  Are you wrapping Christmas presents today?  Your phone rang, do you want to call Shannon back now or later?”

And the worst one of all…..what are you working on?  Arggh!!  I hate that one!  First, because sometimes I don’t know..I’m just putting ideas on paper. And second because I don’t think they really want to know, I think it’s just a ruse to get me to stop writing!   Maybe, I am being paranoid, but it’s my blog post and I can speculate all I want!

So how do I respond to all these interruptions?  I stopped writing, of course!  Then they all come back with, “Did you finish?”  I don’t even dignify that with a reply.  I am never finished!

My theory on why my loving family does this is simple.  My writing to them is in some way, like my spending time with someone else.  Which is a true statement!  For them, the finished product is fine, but that building relationships with my characters, toiling over scenes and dialogue, is like sneaking out to have breakfast with my other family.

Now it sounds like I am not counting my blessings!  My family is wonderful and I would be lying if I didn’t find their constant interruptions in some way endearing….but just not all the time!



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