Resolutions or Realistic Goals?

I don’t really make resolutions. They always seem so vague, so idealistic, so…bound to fall flat on the floor and resist all efforts to work with me. Darn lazy things, those resolutions. Too heavy for their own good! They’re like pie in the sky… Literally. I mean, you know that resolution about losing weight, right? To keep it, that pie needs to stay in the sky. But somehow, it gets into the fridge instead, where it sits until you eat it. Evil new year’s resolution pie!

But seriously…

I prefer setting realistic goals. Sometimes, admittedly, that’s hard. What is realistic after all? I’d like to say it’s realistic to blog weekly, and you see how good I am with that. Then again, the holidays have been busy, but now they’re over. So, back to the blog with a realistic goal to say something, anything, at least once a week. That I can do. I haven’t promised brilliance. Like I said, realistic.

Ah, realism is the key to accomplishing anything in life, but certainly for writing it’s imperative. Now that it’s past January 1 and I can think again, I’ve made myself a short list of deadlines for writing projects I want to work on. I’ve made notes for the short stories and essays I have ideas about. So, my goal is to meet the deadlines I’ve set myself using those story and essay notes. It works out to about one piece every 3 weeks. That’s doable. Especially since I have a few other personal goals in the mix too, and I need time for them. A writing piece in the midst of those other goals? Yep, about every 3 weeks to complete a piece is reasonable.

So, let me ask you: What realistic goals for your writing (or your life in general) are you setting for 2014? How are you making sure you’re setting clear but realistic goals instead of those pie-in-the-sky resolutions?


3 thoughts on “Resolutions or Realistic Goals?

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