Help! I’m choking!

Good Gravy, it’s happening again!

I can’t focus on any thing long enough to get it finished.

And I don’t have any kind of attention deficit disorder that I am aware of….wait, maybe I do.  Didn’t I say I can’t focus?  Oh, no..I’m looping around – spiraling out of control!

Okay, calm down.  Let’s try to look at this logically.  Where is Mr Spock when you need him?  Really, he would have been a great analyst.  Can’t you just see him in an office next door to Bob Newhart; asking Carol to get him some coffee…oh,’s happening again!

Stay on track, stay on track.  See here is the thing.  I enjoy doing lots of things.  I love to write and cook and do needlepoint and walk my dogs and write long rambling letters to relatives(who keep reminding me to just email). I love all these things sooo much that I find myself unable to do any of them because I am terrified of choosing.

At this point in time I have two short stories and two novels in progress, along with one novel completed which I am revising.   But if I spend time on one of them that means that I would have NOT spent  time on the others.  Isn’t that very logical.  Of course, it is!

So where do I spend my precious hour?  Which very worthy project gets the benefit of my attention and which of the others get shunted aside like wallflowers at the prom?  And what about my characters?  As they sit there glaring at me, brooding and upset with my callous treatment of them, am I damaging them mentally?  Will they simply refuse to be written when it’s their turn?

Paralyzed by fear, I once again lay the notebooks out on the floor.  It’s 5am and I’ve had too much coffee already.  I reach to pick one up before I grab my hand back in terror.  Should I choose by how much I have written, genre or color of notebook?  Hmmm…

The notebooks just lay there–daring me to decide.


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