Facebook- Come on in, the water’s fine!

Alright, here we go….with the help of my son I finally set up a Facebook page last night.  

I’m excited and scared at the same time. 

No, scared is not too harsh a word.  I am scared and nervous and worried.  

What if I become addicted?  What if my hand becomes disfigured due to thumb scrolling?  What if my eyes dry up and drop like raisins from my head due to constant computer screen checking?  What if I start posting things inane statements such as, “just walked into a room” or “I noticed the sun came up today.” 

How will I handle it when someone “unfriends” me?  Am I headed into the vipers pit of posting pictures of my cereal or my shoes or heaven forbid, sending someone a “who are you more like…” quiz?

On the other hand, it is nice so many old friends and new friends have said hello to me.  Nice to see pictures of the children of my friends, to know if we did happen to meet each other on the street we would still stop for a moment. 

You may ask why this sudden dive into the deep end of social media from a woman who has resisted even putting on a bathing suit for so long. 

Yesterday, something amazing happened.  A person I had never meet stopped me as I was getting coffee.  She asked if I was the Meg who worked on the 2nd floor.  When she had confirmed my identity she told me she very much liked a blog post of mine.  She was directed there by a mutual friend.  She asked me if I was really a writer and when I told her about the anthology my fellow purple inkers and I had on Amazon she wrote it down, promising me she would spend her .99 cents to buy it. 

Before we parted she asked me if I was on Facebook.  

I said, “Yes.” 


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