Why I hate snow, cold, Winter in general.

I hate snow.  

Let me expand on that…I hate snow, bitter cold winds, gray days and darkness.  

There may be people reading this who jerk their heads back and proclaim, “But you have to have Winter to have Spring!  Don’t you like the Seasons?  It’s beautiful!  The stillness.  The clear, cold night sky!  The way the snow lays white and untouched in the fields!  Snow is so pretty!” 

I my humble opinion, snow is not pretty.  Or if I concede it is pretty let me remind you cobras can be pretty.  

Even as a child I didn’t like it.  But as a child I pretended I did.  However as an adult I feel comfortable enough to admit it. 

Why do I feel this way about snow and Winter in general….since we don’t have hours upon hours to analyze me I have come up with only a couple of reasons to share.  If you are wishing to delve deeper- when I die I have several private  journals you can review.  

Over the course of my life I have read copious amounts of stories, books and poems.  Very few paint a good image of Winter.  

When I first read the Greek myths I remember being horrified by Demeter searching in vain for Persephone after she had been captured by Hades.  How horrible!  Can you imagine…running all over the place looking for your child?  “But she was just here!  I left her right here!”  That’s why we have Winter according to the Greeks; it is the personification of Demeter’s grief.  

My parents, odd people that they are, got me a  book once titled The Little Match Girl.  Ever read that one?  Yuck!  She died outside from exposure.  The book had this image at the end of her looking through a lighted window.  It was intended to be sad, but came out creepy.  To this day I race past windows on cold Winter’s night for fear The Little Match Girl is peeking in!

Even Robert Frost, one of my favorite poets, freaked me out with Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.  I can appreciate the poem and I like it, but that part where he says, “the woods are lovely, soft and deep, ” always felt threatening to me.  “Don’t go in Robert!  The horse wants to move on!  Listen to the horse!”  

And the darkness!  Horrible, horrible, horrible!  I always get sick in the dark of winter.  Not just cold and flu, but stomach aches and headaches.  

My family, God love them, have learned how to help me.  They know I can’t stand, can’t stand to come home to a cold, dark house!  Even my youngest son tells me on the phone before I leave work, “Don’t worry Mom.  We have turned on all the lights and turned up the heat.” 

To me it’s like living in a tunnel under the ground or worse.  

Oh, and I hate that darn groundhog too.  


2 thoughts on “Why I hate snow, cold, Winter in general.

  1. Thank you so much for a much needed laugh. I laughed out loud in various places (that scary little match girl, the woods poem, etc.) You’re a great writer! As a New Yorker who has always dreamed of moving to a tropical climate, and keep my place overheated in the winter, I know EXACTLY what you mean!

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