Coffee Shop Etiquette

I love writing in a coffee shop. I think it’s because the number of possible distractions in a coffee shop is distinctly less relative to those in my house. I don’t have much to do except write, so I end up getting a lot of writing done.

Most of the time, it’s a nice, relatively quiet place with a pleasant level of background noise and available caffeine and sweets. Perfect, right?

Then there’s days like today. I’m in my third favorite corner in this particular shop (my first and second favorite tables were already taken). The entire section where I’m sitting is empty. In fact, most of the entire place is empty. So, I was a bit surprised when a couple young men set at the table right next to mine. Why that spot? With the entire restaurant available, why the table next to mine?

However, they had two more friends, one a young woman with a shrill, high pitched voice. They chattered away, right next to me and my laptop. I tried to make use of it by observing their language and mannerisms for future characters, but frankly, her voice could have cut glass. Finally they left.


Then I had about a half hour of peace in which I got some good writing done. Yeah, me.

Then, the weight loss meeting started up. Yep. At least they weren’t at the very next table, but they were close. And one of them is a big, loud man with a big, loud voice.

So, instead of writing my novel, I’m writing this blog post, while considering whether fat jokes would be appropriate. Probably  not, because of that whole glass houses thing. Also the don’t dish it out if you can’t take it thing.

Listen… If you and your friends are going to have loud conversations and you see someone sitting alone behind a laptop, don’t sit right by them. Please?

Because next time I’m posting pictures!

Just kidding. Not really. But I’ll be sorely tempted. And I might go ahead and make the fat joke. You’ve been warned!




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