The Videos in My Head

ImageWhere do my ideas come from?  I WANT MY MTV!!!

One of the other wonderful Purple Ink Writers contacted me this weekend with a suggestion for a blog topic- where do you ideas come from? 

Two of my soul sisters have already given great insight on this topic, so after a little thought I am ready to dive in also.  

Truth be told, I really don’t know where my ideas come from…they have just always been there.  Growing up as many of us did before the digital age I read profusely during my free time.  And not being the most popular kid on the block, there was a lot of free time.  I was also a very good reader.  A good reader in that, if a story was good(and I don’t always mean well written) I could very easily see the movie in my head.  I have always been one of those people who can lose track of time or even sense of location if I am really into a story.  

So to begin with I always had a story, much like a movie, playing in my head.  Add to that, my musical family and boom- the movie had a soundtrack.  My parents had lots of turntables and records and some of my first memories are of my father telling me the stories of opera and my mother telling me the stories of musicals, such as My Fair Lady while the records played in the background.  Very early on, whenever I heard music, a story would populate itself in my head. 

Then one day, MTV came on the air.  I remember it being summer.  My older brother came in to tell me about this television station that played music videos.  “What are music videos?”  I asked.  He answered, “It’s like a little story with the song.” 

What?  How could this be?  Other people had this happen in their heads also?  

I watched for hours upon hours at a time.  How wonderful it was!  Actually seeing images paired with music became, for me at least, a constant source of inspiration gushing warm and clear in my mind.  I especially loved the videos where you didn’t really know what was going on and whatever was going on, had little or nothing to do with the song.  Two of my favorite examples are “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”  Videos like these pushed me into broadening my story lines away from the literal and into the fantastical.  It still happens.  All I need is a good song and bing – a story will pop into my head to go along with it.  

Just want to add a footnote here about my definition of “good song.”  There are plenty of people out there who will remark that I don’t have very good taste in music.  Even after all those years of watching Martha Quinn I don’t know very many band names and I love Top 40 radio songs.  Simple, sappy, perky, hummable tunes are my favorite because I think they lend themselves more easily into fiction than say….dub step or techno music.  

So I want to say thank you to MTV and it’s younger sibling, YouTube.  Whenever I am stuck on a plot point or need a fresh new idea, you never let me down



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