The Brilliance of Women

Being new to Facebook this year, I have begun to notice something interesting about  men and women and what they post.

Having no time or desire to keep statics on such matter, forgive my generalizations, but here we go.

Women post more pretty, sweet pictures and funny sayings than men do.  Men seem to post more news articles or items of a political nature, often, it seems to me, in an attempt to influence opinion.


Could it be that women want to share more good feelings than men…or…and I think I am correct on this one…do men really think that posting something with a certain political spin will make a die hard Republican or equally die hard Democrat suddenly stop in their tracks and change political parties?

I have two male friends who post lovely items celebrating their children and two or three more who don’t post anything at all.  The rest of my male friends post a lot of political, religious or at least in some way inflammatory items.

Upon checking and re-checking my friend list this morning I can’t find one, not one, female friend who has posted anything other than fun, playful items with no real world application.  I see pictures of babies and dogs, good looking men in kilts, pictures of attractive movie and television stars, some good recipes, funny stories or sayings, etc.

My yesterday was a tough one.  The weight of the world sat upon my shoulders heavily and almost crushed me.

Today I want to say thank you to all the women on Facebook today who post happy, light, silly, funny, clever, kind and sweet pictures, stories, sayings, whatever. Thank you so much!  I needed that!


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