Revising is no fun

I had one goal for yesterday: final revisions on a short story named The Key. I visualized breezing through it, editing out a few “to be” verbs, and marking it off my to do list before lunch.

In reality, I sat in front of my computer for hours. Something close to a half hour went to trying and failing to find a different phrase than “the woman” to describe a woman without a name we’d just met (I failed. I ended up just moving the other “the woman” to a different place in the sentence so at least two consecutive sentences didn’t start with the same phrase).

Lunchtime came and went.

Finally, around 7 pm, I saved a version with the file name The Key – finalish.

I opened it up again today to look for what I like to call “revision artifacts.”

Now, more than 24 hours after I thought I’d be done – I’m waiting for one last proofread.


It’s tempting to think, when you read a good short story, that some author out there whipped that thing out in a couple hours and sent it off that same day.

Perhaps that author is out there, but it’s not me! Those shorts are hard work!


One thought on “Revising is no fun

  1. I’m in the throes of revising and editing as well. A lot of sitting there staring at the screen. Trying to think of other ways to say speckled and dotted. Trying to think of ways to describe color that a boy would use (as I write YA). Had to turn off the WiFi on my computer and my phone to prevent myself from distraction!

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