The Hardest Part of being a Mother – Pushing them

On Tuesday I was sitting on a slightly wet bench at the YMCA, nervously watching my son complete a swim test for summer camp. 

He passed with no problem, but I, along with the two other mother’s who sat with me, was a nervous wreck until it was over.  When he came over to the bench drying off he said the nicest thing to me.  He said, “Good thing you didn’t let me quit swimming lessons.” 

Yes, it was a good thing.  As we drove home I reflected on all the things I have made my children do and how many times they have gotten mad at me for it.  Swimming lessons for both when they sat on the side of the pool and cried, refusing to put their faces in the water, forcing my oldest son to drive in the pouring rain when he couldn’t see at all, overnight camping with boy scouts when they both were afraid of encountering Bigfoot and countless music lessons when I had to threaten or bribe to get them to practice.  

How horrible all those moments were!  My husband admits he would have never stuck it out like I did.  The one time I sent him to take my youngest to a swim lesson he returned in ten minutes with a perfectly dry child because he said he wouldn’t put on his swim trunks.  I ended up paying the teacher an extra fee to stay and wait for us and he swam in his shorts. 

Have I earned my title- The Meanest Mother in the Whole World?  I hope not.  

By the way- I am sitting in the living room listing to the most beautiful piano music, Chopin; being played by the kid who once threw a metronome at me.


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