How my descent into darkness really improved my skin, hair and nails.

I had a really interesting week.  

This past week I had the sensation of turning a corner…of taking that less traveled path in the woods….of stepping off the sidewalk…instead of resisting, my inner Luke Skywalker reached out and took Darth’s hand.  

For some reason this week, I gave up being nice.  This week, instead of apologizing to a co-worker for upsetting her(which I did quite unknowingly, by the way!) I just told her to go away, she could be as mad as she wanted.  I showed up at a school event on Friday after work and instead of manning the ticket table for hours while muttering under my breath about the three other mom’s who were doing nothing, I actually got up from the table, told the organizer since I had worked all day I didn’t feel like participating and left. It get’s worse…this week at the grocery store, I didn’t offer to let the guy with only two items go ahead of me and my two full carts and when my dog ran away I didn’t send my son with the lease to get him back before he relived himself in every yard in the block.  

At dinner last night I ordered a beer, a large one and the hot wings nacho plate.  My husband frowned across the table at the expense and wondered why I didn’t get my usual salad.  I shrugged then told my kids I wasn’t sharing my wings.  It was at that moment the waitress appeared.  She needed my ID.  What??? I’m 46 years old!  As it happened I didn’t have my purse with me.  She left and came back with the manager.  After my irritated husband declared my age loudly and repeatedly he had to produce his ID- which I still don’t know what that had to do with anything because he was having tea- before they begrudging consented to bring me the punch bowl size beer I had ordered. 

I couldn’t wait to get home and hog the bathroom!  And I did!  The physical change is apparent and amazing!  I look ten years younger!  My skin has actually lost wrinkles, my hair falls about my face smoothly-gone are the frizzes and split ends.  My usually bitten to the quick nails have grown strong and pretty.

Oh yes, Darth!  You are my father….now let’s go be late to appointments!  


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