Choosing what to write about – My family suggests topics! Yikes!

Since I have begun letting people know about my writing, my friends and loved ones seem to like to give me advice on what to write about.

“Oh, look at that thing!  You should write about that!”

“Well, it took a lot of courage for (her, him or them) to do that.  You should write about that!”

“Did I ever tell you when I (insert embarrassing personal story).  You should write about that!”

If I wrote about all these things, I would be have to be churning out books, short stories and epic poems at a rate of 5 a day to catch up!

It’s not that I really mind the suggestions, I actually think it’s pretty sweet and flattering that the people I love want to join in with what I do and it is nice to think they have enough confidence in my writing to believe I wouldn’t butcher their idea.  But I never do take their suggestions.  If I did that I would feel too much as if I was turning in assignments for a grade.

So I politely thank everyone for your suggested topics from this weekend  –

1) The changing roles of women in the workforce(Thanks, Mom.  I’m sure that’s a topic which has never really been explored!)

2) How competitive colleges and universities have become and how you can help your child nail that SAT or college essay( Thanks to Cousins Joe and Robert and my Dad!  Did you guys fail to notice there are whole sections on this at the book store AND I’ve never written non fiction in my life!)

3) The personal story of a teenagers epic, tragic, triumphant struggles at school and with the opposite sex which should really be a screenplay for a movie, don’t ya know!  (Thank you to my teen son and teen nieces!  Boy, you guys really are the “Me” generation aren’t you?).  

I thank you, I really do– I just don’t think I am going to write on any of these for awhile –or ever, maybe.

For now, I am too content to run off into the dusty corners of my mind and see what wild ideas are hiding in the cubbyholes or peaking out from behind the trees in the forest of my imagination.

However, one suggestion from this weekend does stand out.

My eleven year old son, while playing next to a field of sunflowers just outside of a tiny Texas town, found the remnants of an old train track.  The track,  broken and very old, disappeared into the sunflower field.  He and I went as far as we could into the field of flowers until the track suddenly stopped.   He got very quiet before he said, “I bet the train just disappeared.”

I gotta admit-that would make a very cool story!








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