The Hardest Part About Being a Writer #toafuturewriter



Dear Future Writer,

The hardest part of being a writer: The insecurity.

We all have it. Some have a lot, some have a little, but insecurity is a character trait of a writer.

As I write this, I’m nearly tearing up from a spate of insecurity. I’m usually pretty confident about my writing, but today… just not feeling the love.

The key is to resist the urge to delete everything, to throw it all in a fire.

In fact, the key is to walk away until the tears dry and the knot in your stomach unwinds.

Stephen King threw his first draft of Carrie into the trash.

Stephen King.



(You don’t have to like Carrie to get the point: A tremendously successful novel by a tremendously successful writer had to be rescued from the trash).

You may not have an interested significant other pass by the trashcan at the right moment to retrieve your writing, so be careful with it.

So, dear Future Writer: When that wave of insecurity washes over you, ride it out. Wait till kinder waters place you back on the shore.  Just don’t do something you’ll regret until the solid ground is back under your feet.

Yours truly,


P.S. And try not to kick the rest of us in the head while you’re flailing about in the deep water of insecurity. Really, it’s crowded out there.


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