To a Future Writer

This Thursday is #toafuturewriter day. Share your encouragements to future writers on your blog or Twitter, and in November, #Nanowrimo will have a cache of these inspirations for new Nanowrimo writers. Here’s my contribution on the Journey of Writing.

will smith quoteDear Future Writer,

The writing journey is a strange trip through a fantastical landscape—filled with challenges and requiring the hallowed dedication of your time, your talents, and your ingenuity if you intend to arrive at your destination. Like Hercules, you’ll be confronted by daunting tasks. You’ll fail and fall and be forced to rise again from your own bloody ashes like a phoenix. You’ll face your greatest nemeses one by one. You’ll grow weary and wonder if it is all worth it.

And if you’re fortunate, you’ll live to tell your tale at the local inn at the journey’s end—a mug of ale in one hand, and some coin for your troubles in the other hand.

When you begin your journey, you’ll be a fresh-faced kid with no substantial experience of the wider world. But the Muse will come to you in your tiny, isolated village and tempt you with promises…

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