What Your Writing “Should” Look Like…or Should It?

If you ever feel your writing is like a 3-year-old’s gingerbread house art, this post’s for you.

M.A. Chiappetta Freelance Writer

photo 2This is what we all wish our art looked like, isn’t it? Pretty…orderly… with a great title attached to it… I mean, Red Poppy Cafe is just delightful. The flowers are beautifully crafted. The grass is so green, I want to take off my shoes and walk in it. Every detail is in its perfect place. This gingerbread house is a winner in every way.

That’s what we tell ourselves our writing should look like. And in some ways, that’s true. If you’re going to ask someone else to read what you’ve written, you’ll want to give them a path as nice as the candy flagstones in the picture here.

The other part of the truth, though…the other side of the coin…is that our writing isn’t always this neat and lovely. It certainly doesn’t start out that way. Nope, when we create, our first version of our piece usually looks…

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