Let’s Talk about the World Cup!

ImageFirst off, let me start off with a disclaimer.  I am not now, nor have I even been an athlete.  My ability to kick a ball is only slightly better than Stephen Hawking and I am continually confused by the terms offense and defense. (One of them means your team has the ball, right?) 

But this year…the World Cup!  Wow!  This sporting event has me all agog and glued to the World Cup website on my phone. 

First off, it’s just so darn colorful!  The turf or grass, okay I don’t know what they play on, is so green!  It just makes those colorful jerseys pop!  Watch a little in high def for an instant mood lift! 

And the players are so hip looking!  Check out those hairstyles!  This is really interesting to me after years of being forced to watch American football where you can’t see the player at all due to helmet and face guards, etc.  Also, the soccer players are more normal looking to me than some other athletes.  Basketball players are all really tall, football players when you do see them are usually huge people and baseball players…well, baseball players all look like middle age Dad’s to me.  No offense baseball fans,but they can carry a bit of a paunch at times.  

Let’s not leave out the fans!  I love the fans!  The dressed up, painted, horn blowing, die hard, traveled half way around the world, ready to defend their teams honor even if it comes to blows, fans!  Sure, every sport has these true believers, but I love how the fans are so patriotic!  They are not supporting one part of their country, but the whole of it.  Go America!  Go Mexico!  Go Belgium!  Go Brazil, France, England!  Go whole country!  Very cool indeed. 

And the terms I have learned this year!  Watch out, it’s a nutmeg!  Bummer, they are in the Group of Death!  Are they really going to park the bus?  A red card—-oh the horror!  Love the lingo!

Despite the occasionally biting, rioting, and what not, it just all seems so good natured.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could stop going to war and just solve all our global disputes by watching a few young people run across an emerald green field on a sunny day while smiling and kicking a ball. 

Go World Cup- Go!


One thought on “Let’s Talk about the World Cup!

  1. I watched the World Cup four years ago, and the Women’s World Cup (which is awesome). So, I guess from watching a bit more soccer over the last little bit, I “get” it more now…and this tournament has just been fantastic! I’m with you. I’m WAY into it.

    And they play on “the pitch.” 🙂

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