Writing Army of Worn Soles

If you like historical fiction, you might want to check out Scott Bury’s latest novel… and enter his book giveaway.

A guest post from my writer buddy extraordinaire — Scott Bury — whose new book is a historical fiction based on real-life events from World War II.

Army of Worn Soles - FULL RESOLUTION

Today’s post on The Chipper Muse brings us almost to the end of the blog tour to launch Army of Worn Soles. Publishing a book is always — at least for me — a long journey.

This particular journey began for me over thirty years ago, when I first met the protagonist of the story, the man who would become my father-in-law, Maurice Bury. I realized he had a fascinating life story when his daughter, then my girlfriend and now my wife, told me he had served in the Soviet Red Army in World War II and had escaped from a German POW camp.

But even if she hadn’t mentioned that, it would have come out because Maurice, like all parents, would dismiss his…

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