My Survival Kit – 2014

survival_kitIt’s been a bit of a rough go for me lately. The seas I have been sailing on have gotten choppy and visibility is dismal.

My father’s declining health, my job, my children- various teenage and pre-teen issues are combining with their extrovert and introvert personality traits which is proving to be quiet a volatile mix! I could go on and on…as I sure you could too. As the old saying goes, “Life is messy, but the alternative is worse!”

Lately I have been thinking about the things which make me happy. Things that become little bits of relief which I tuck away and guard like a fire breathing dragon guards it’s gold. Last night I began to think of those little things as part of a survival kit. A kit which is every ready and can be used at a moments notice to soothe away the aches and pains of daily living, to heal the wounds we all end up with at the end of the day.

My kit includes some yellowing paperbacks. A few beloved gothic romances, a Mary Stewart novel or two, some Jane Austen and some Mary Oliver and Billy Collins poetry. What better way to stop thinking about my troubles than to read words of beauty or to get caught up wondering if the innocent girl in the book is actually going to have the guts to go down the darken stairway?

The kit also includes some great DVD’s. I packed in some I Love Lucy episodes, a few Carol Burnet shows and of course, Death on the Nile. All proven in their ability to mend broken hearts.

Rustle around some more and you will find my needlepoint and my yarn. Just don’t go looking for a lot of complete projects; that’s not the point. These items have a wonderful soothing affect on my jangled nerves and can be used as tranquilizers.

Tucked in the corner sits my “alone time.” This is time I get to spend how and when I want to. Sometimes it is so small I have to look very hard for it often taking everything else out and shaking my kit hard to find it. But I always do. Clutching it close I speed off with it on a walk or at the book store. I have to put it back in carefully, if I am too loud about it I’m afraid it will disappear.

Finally, all my writing things are there. All my beloved journals, pencils and laptop. All tucked away nice and neat and ready for action. These can be used on and off the battle field. Like Harry Potter’s wand I can fight the battles in my mind and create wonderful things.

So that’s my survival kit- some of it, at least. I have secret weapons also, but if I told you – well, you know.

What’s in your survival kit?


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