What I expect from a romance novel—I expect everything!

Jon PAUL  - Cover Art for Romance by Catherine La Rose (45)

Ah, the romance novel! The secret sin of so many women! You know who you are! You’ve had a hard day at the office, the car’s in the shop again, the mechanic treats you like a four year old and frankly you just can’t bring yourself to care if you’re getting enough calcium in your diet one more minute. And then you see it! The flowery cover..her dress is dangerously low, he’s either a Duke or a pirate or a Scottish warrior. You check left and right before you move. You bargain with yourself, “It’s a short read. Right after I’m done I’ll read that Stephen Hawking Time book, I swear!”

Just pick up the darn book and enjoy it already!

Yes, I am a romance novel lover. I love them for many of the reasons people cite for not liking them. The fantasy aspect is wonderful! In case you hadn’t noticed, daily life can be tough. What’s so wrong with reading a story where happy ever after really happens and dreams can come true? It’s comforting in it’s predictability. I never have to worry about the ending. He will save her and she will tame his demons. No one is going to end up in therapy, bitter and self medicating.

I love the sexy parts!

While 50 Shades was a little much for me, frankly I found it kind of scary, I love a good love scene. And not because I don’t have a wonderful relationship, I do. For the past 24 years I have been married to the most wonderful man on the planet. (Really, we have a plaque!) So don’t go thinking all romance readers are single women looking for love. Some of us are, but some of us are in relationships either happy or not so happy…as relationships often are. But when they are done well those scenes of love in romance novels celebrate one of the most wonderful aspects of being human. Sex is part of our humanity. And while some people trash it or use it to humiliate, I affirm that most romance novels treat it in a different way. Hopefully, anyone reading a romance novel will see the man cares about the woman’s happiness in bed as much as his. And we should care, ladies! I have not read one romance novel in which after the sex scene the man rolls over and the woman thinks, “Well, at least that chore is done for the week.”

I love them because they are outlandish and fun..not like real life at all.

The heroes can range from swashbuckling pirates, to sexy federal agents, to supernatural beings, to kilted warriors, to handsome royalty. The women are smart and savvy, kind without being a doormat and comfortable with their bodies. Curves are not a bad thing in a romance novel. And the plots are whimsical whirlwinds of unlikeliness which can include, defending the castle, finding the jewel, stopping the killer or solving the mystery. They never refinance the mortgage, go to the tax accountant or wait for hours at the doctor’s office with a fever or icky skin rash.

So in answer to the question, what do I expect…I expect fun, happiness and fantasy. And I thank the romance novel for delivering every time.


One thought on “What I expect from a romance novel—I expect everything!

  1. Yes! Romance is a nice fairy tale ride, isn’t it? No mortgages, no late taxes, no boring days… Readers read for an escape, and there’s nothing wrong with letting your escape be romantic. 🙂

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