Mini Twitter Rant – How NOT to use Twitter to promote your work

Clubbing us with Twitter self promo

Clubbing us with Twitter self promo

Do NOT over promote yourself on Twitter. It gets you unfollowed.

Twitter is an interesting social media option to me. I’ve gone back and forth on whether I even want to use it. I have some people I follow who do nothing but complain incessantly – I suppose Twitter is cheaper than a therapist – and others who post nothing for weeks, then post 100 tweets in 15 minutes, then POOF! They’re gone again. People who post political stuff, people who need to check Snopes more often, and people trying in vain to get a celebrity’s attention (I eventually gave up on getting a happy birthday from Bruce Campbell (sigh).

Then there are the people promoting themselves – not just writers, of course, actors, musicians, crafters, artists…

And I get it. I want people to read MY book. People want me to read theirs, or buy their art, or listen to their music, or watch their movie. I get it.

But listen – fifteen minutes ago, Over Excited Self Promotion Guy promoted his book. I read his tweet. I saw it.

Now, OESPG is promoting it again. And again. And again.

Does OESPG really think his audience has changed significantly in the last fifteen minutes? I assure you, OESPG, it has not!

And after a few days of this, OESPG has one less Twitter follower.

I read a tip somewhere – I don’t remember where or I’d credit it – that you should have 20 fun, funny, entertaining, or thought-provoking non-self promoting tweets for every one that is self-promoting.

If I like you, if I think your Tweets are funny, then when, every now and then, you remind me you have a book, I might go take a look. If It looks interesting, I might buy it. It could happen.

But if you bludgeon me over the head constantly, I’m not going to click the link, I’m not going to check out your book, and I’m certainly not going to buy it. I am, however, going to click that unfollow button.

So, ya know, your choice.


4 thoughts on “Mini Twitter Rant – How NOT to use Twitter to promote your work

  1. I have actually discovered a way to have more followers and still not have a grossly cluttered feed. I call it the follow/mute. Someone follows me, I follow them back. Before, as soon as I saw a ridiculous tweet from someone (like retweeting Snookie on how she lost all that weight(!), or some other stupid crap, I’d unfollow. Then I realized, I could mute them and they wouldn’t know. Now, someone follows me, and I take a look at what they’ve tweeted previously, before I follow them. If it’s something stupid, I follow but immediately mute. More followers, less BS.
    You could do that with your business account, and then just once a day twitter search your business name with your personal account to see if anyone whom you’ve muted has tweeted to you regarding business.

  2. I didn’t know you could mute people on Twitter. This is good news.

    Another secret: Lots of people don’t bother to check who has unfollowed them, and so they don’t punish you for unfollowing. Besides, if you unfollow me strictly because I unfollowed you, you’re just telling me you didn’t like me for me and you are unlikely to read my stuff anyway. So I say bye-bye to that person without blinking an eye.

    • yeah. That happened to me recently, actually to one of the people who prompted this post! I went to unfollow him, and noticed he’d unfollowed me! That was the end of any guilt I felt over it!

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