My Silent Violin

violinOne of my closest friends in the world is a first grade teacher. She told me once how difficult it was to teach children whose parents were going through a divorce. She based her opinion on personal experience. I remember her saying,”if there is turmoil at home it is as if they shut down and even if they appear to be fine, such as playing or laughing, they just can’t learn for a while.”

I would broaden this to say that creativity is affected also. Maybe not for everyone, but certainly for me.

You can use any old saying you choose…I have a lot of my mind, my plate is full, my bag of worries is heavier these days…whatever. But as I continue on my long journey which is my life, once again I realize, I can’t be creative in these circumstances.

For the past few days I have been unable to imagine anything that might happen next in any one of my stories. My needlepoint sits untouched and my knitting, which I did do at my son’s prompting, seems dull and almost painful.

These moments of turmoil will pass, of that I am sure, but until then I play a chicken and egg game in my mind. Am I depressed, so I can’t be creative or because I am not being creative does that make me depressed. Thoughts?

It is said that as all of Rome burned around him Nero fiddled away on his beloved violin; either too crazy to care or so advanced in his thinking he knew this too would pass, so why not play a sprightly tune.

My violin sits in it’s case and my Muse has gathered up her silky blue robe and left the room, unable to even look me in the eye.


2 thoughts on “My Silent Violin

  1. I know that feeling well, Meg. It is definitely hard, if not impossible, to be creative when things are not going right in your life or when you’re under a lot of pressure. Personally, I think it’s because the energy we need to handle the problems we’re dealing with is so large that we don’t have energy to spare for creativity. One good thing…the problems eventually pass or lighten up, and creativity comes back!

  2. I understand. You have had a lot going on

    It’ll pass though. A talent as strong as yours won’t be quiet for long!

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