How not to write all day.

I had planned to do a lot of writing this weekend. To spend my day time traveling and questing and creeping around spooky forests and visit with my wonderfully quirky characters; all 922 of them!

But, there is an old saying, “We make plans and God laughs.”

Saturday –
4am- Begin process of hitting the snooze button on the alarm every 8 minutes. I intend to wake up this early every day to write, but today I just fling my arm and roll over every 8 minutes. Actually it seems to be good exercise and is my only early morning work out.
445am- Respond to my husband’s daily question of “Are you going to shut that thing off and get up?” by getting up. Make coffee and pull up computer to get writing done. I get distracted on Facebook and take some quizzes. My Hippie name is Flower, by the way.
445-510am-Open and shut both front and back doors repeatedly for family pets. They find this very amusing and I never disappoint them.
510-530am- Shake and push Number 1 Son until he finally gets up to go to a Cross Country either workout or run. I wonder if I should get him checked by a physician because these early Saturday events have been happening all summer and yet they always come as a surprise to him.
6-630am- Take a bath and dress. This is literally the longest period of time I get to be in the bathroom all week. I begin to talk to myself plotting out dialogue.
630-730-Begin food inventory. Is the cereal box on the counter full or has it been placed there empty again? How much of the four loaves of bread I bought last week is still around? Is there anything at all I can do with half a package of cream gravy? Wonder why it’s only half a package?
730-830am- Wake Number 2 Son and take him to a fast food place for breakfast. Try to discuss ideas for plot, but he’s not interested and we end up discussing bugs.
830-11am-Various chores including but not limited to- starting laundry, finalizing grocery list, make beds, more opening and shutting doors for pet amusement, gather up library books to be returned, etc. My mind on auto pilot I find myself plotting the next scene in one of my stories.
11-2pm- After dropping off Number 2 Son with a friend who is helping him with a Boy Scout project I take my mother shopping. This time period is both intense and beneficial. It’s a great time to work on personal issues, such as patience, how to respond to criticism and mental focus. It is the ropes course of my soul. I spend close attention to how I feel, so I can accurately write characters who are experiencing life threatening situations.
2-4pm- While picking up my Number 2 Son my friend tells me an account of a local ghost story he just heard. Excited I race home to write it down, but Number 1 Son and Number 2 Son get into it over something, so I must use my well honed conflict resolution skills, ghost story gets put off.
4pm-630pm- Hubby has returned home from work, dinner gets made and eaten, dinner gets cleaned up. Exhaustion starts to set in.
630-830pm- Hubby wants to go to used bookstore! How can I refuse? Troll shelves in delight finding some really cool old Gothic paperbacks.
830-1030pm- Finally! Time to write! The ghost story, the dialogue, update the plot line! The computer is all mine and I am ready to create…but then, oh no! I get a text from a friend, “Can you call me? Had a rotten day- need to talk. Please!”
So, I call her. We talk for almost 2 hrs and she feels better by the end. I always support my friends. By then my eyes were burning and my brain was mush. I am angry and disappointed.

Here is the good news…my characters will wait for me. Sure, sometimes they get a little impatient and have on occasion woken me up in the middle of the night in their frustration, but they alone understand me and I them.

But I will try again to give to them all they deserve…after all, “Tomorrow is another day!”


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