How Annoying Are You?

This has been one of those weeks.

I could list all the crap, but I won’t. Suffice it to say, all the crap has been enough to persuade me to hang out this weekend at a local Buffalo Wild Wings to watch college football (which I’m not into) with some friends, mainly so I can eat chicken, have beer, and zone out.

Yup – it’s been one of TannoyingHOSE kind of weeks.

The worst part has been dealing with some difficult people who won’t admit that they’re difficult. Something I really don’t enjoy dealing with.

Which is why I say, “Thank God for Facebook quizzes.”

Yeah, I know. It’s not what I expected me to say either! But it’s true. Because this week, just when I was in the middle of wading through some of the crap, I happened to see the How Annoying Are You? quiz on my Facebook feed. It just seemed apropos. So I took it.

Now, I already know I’m not 100% easy to get along with. First of all, I have no delusions that I’m perfect. (Alas for me! I should probably be more narcissistic, so I’d be less immune to caring what other people do.) And second of all, the quiz told me I’m not 100% easy. In fact…

I am 33% annoying. That makes me Legitimately Likable. I can be a bit of a pain, but for the most part, I’m pretty decent. Very few “pay attention to me” moments. Good job.” (Thanks,!)

Seriously, though. When you have a week of dealing with difficult people, it can make you wonder if you’re the crazy one. This quiz came along at just the right time to assure me of something I already know in my heart:

I’m not that hard to deal with.

Sure, I have my moments. We all do. But I also don’t have many “pay attention to me” moments — hence my observation a few paragraphs above that I’m not narcissistic enough. And I really do try to listen to others, even when I disagree with them. It’s frustrating to deal with others who don’t listen well. And it’s draining, which makes it hard for me to write.

So I’m reenergizing myself with Facebook quizzes (which make me laugh) and NPR’s Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me podcasts (which also make me laugh). By the weekend, I should be up to snuff and ready to get some writing done.

But it’s made me realize all over again how important it is for all of us to take care of ourselves. It saps our creativity when we don’t. And that’s no good for any of us.

So, tell me:  How do you take care of yourself when you’ve had a bad week and need to reenergize yourself?


4 thoughts on “How Annoying Are You?

  1. I either read a book that I’ve read a hojillion times before (so much so that it’s like an old friend) or I marathon watch tv shows that I love. Psych is good for that, as is Chuck. Fun nonsense that soothes the mind and relaxes the soul.

  2. I read something silly, watch something silly, have drinks with friends, and take my dog for a walk. That usually gets me out of a funk after a bad week. Hope you feel better. 🙂

  3. I took the quiz and got 23% annoying, but I kind of think it was rigged as on that question about the subway I don’t think I would do any of those things and I don’t think you would either! Anyhoo, you are better off than I am because I never think I am difficult then when someone tells me I am I am shocked and horrified! LOL!

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