I’m not giving up.

woolf, virginia

This morning I had breakfast with someone who suggested an opening line for a speech I am giving about volunteerism. She said, “Tell them how you work full time, raise a family, are the president of two organizations and how you write wonderful books, then tell them there is no reason they can’t help out.”

Don’t worry- I’m not about to say that.

Now it’s the end of a long,busy Saturday.

I’m sitting in my youngest son’s bedroom waiting for him to get out of the bathtub. His pajamas are still warm from the dryer and they are folded on the end of his bed where I put them a few minutes ago. The other clothes and towels have all been put away, the kitchen counters have just been wiped down and the trash has been taken out.

In the back of my car are two posters and three boxes of flyers, picked up today from the printers to be handed out at a PTA fundraiser tomorrow.

My dog has been given his pain pill. I am trying not to look in his eyes anymore because I can’t see past the pain and fear he must be feeling. My husband is still not ready to admit defeat when it comes to this noble creature, but soon we will all have to face the grim reality of loss.

My feet hurt and my back aches and my mind whirls with dozens of dates and endless to do lists. But I’m not giving up on my writing.

I tried all day to sit down and write, all day, but it didn’t happen.

Our Purple Ink Mentor, Namesake and Spiritual Guide is Virginia Woolf. She always wrote in purple ink because she loved not only the story itself, but the creation of it.

Tonight I am sending my words to her–Don’t worry, Virginia, I’m not giving up.

Being a female writer can be tough…and I don’t mean being a mother or a wife or a caregiver or anything specific. I just mean being female.Sometimes it means more to me to look at all the female writers and bloggers I have come to love and respect than anything else. It’s my tribe. I’m proud of it.

So to all those other female bloggers and writers out there….say it with me, “Virginia, I’m not giving up.”


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