What does not kill me

What does not kill me makes me stronger

I’m having a rough week.

I make my living as a mobile veterinarian. I come to your house and give your pet vaccinations, physical exams, deal with some minor emergencies and illnesses. I enjoy it, my clients like me, most of my patients like me…

Unfortunately, my vehicle broke down. The transmission. And now it’s in the shop. The last estimate was for an amount high enough that I could have bought a used car for the same amount of money. Not a great used car, but one that ran, anyway. So I took it somewhere else and now I’m just waiting to hear. Which means, by the way, I’m not working.

Well, look at the bright side, you say, you have plenty of time to write!

That’s what I thought, too.


For one thing, I’m stressed enough about the car that I can’t find my way to that  place in my head where the words come together.

For another, I have this weird little story that I know has a lot of problems, and it bothers me that people tell me it’s a weird little story with a lot of problems. I mean, it’s ok for me to know it has problems, but I want you to love it anyway! On another day, I’d remind myself that it’s helpful for people to point out the flaws. Today, I think I just want someone to love it.

But that’s not how it works when you ask for critique. You get critique.

And to wrap it all up, I’m trying to learn to use GIMP for image manipulation. That is not a friendly, easy to use program, and the image above is my first successful use of it. After I carefully arranged the words “That which does not kill me will only make me stronger” over the tiger I went to make sure I was spelling Nietzsche’s name correctly and… discovered I have been quoting him incorrectly for a very long time.

So, for the rest of today, I’ll just keep chanting, “What does not kill me…”

…It would make a nice tattoo, yes?


4 thoughts on “What does not kill me

  1. Hang it there, baby! You know I have been there also! We will figure this out, together. Michele and I are on the porch waiting with a glass of wine for you.

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