Twelve Day Plan – am I up to the challenge?

My fellow writing partner has laid down a challenge and after no serious contemplation…I have accepted!

Here we go!

10 Titles –
1) The Rose Diary- Historical Fiction
She inherits an old house(don’t they always! And from someone they always thought was dirt poor! Who knew!) Finds a diary someplace where she looks and no else ever did. Time travel, dresses, the hero is a pirate!
2) Red and Yellow – Children’s Book
The story of a young boy whose two blankets, Red and Yellow, have lots of adventures as they try to escape being stored in the closet as he grows up.
3) The Triangular Continent- Action/Adventure
Our hero, Dirk Kirk, is involved in a bar brawl where he saves, Stella Sexy(barmaid with a heart of gold!) from notorious bad men who also tip badly. He is rewarded with a treasure map which has a mysterious blue triangle in the middle of the ocean. Will he risk his life to find the famed Triangular Continent–of course, he will–it wouldn’t be much of a book if he didn’t.
4) Ass on Fire – Cookbook
Cooking with ghost peppers–the hottest on the planet. This would be a small book, but the dessert section would be interesting.
5) Sisterhood of the Bronze Sword – Fantasy
In this story the all female religious community living on the outskirts of Latunaland are forced to stop making bread and meditating to kick some Owl Warrior butt when the Owl Warriors heedlessly trample the kitchen garden.
6) So you think you know Molly – Murder Mystery
Molly Baxter, housewife, PTA mom and (wait for it…) amateur sleuth solves suburban murders with more skill than the police who are actually paid to do it.
7) Sometimes it is all just soooo boring – Teen Novel
Our hero, Jack, is tired of being the only 16 year old who knows everything. So he starts a band (of course!) whose songs elevate him to teen fame and help the adults of the world acknowledge how dumb they really are.
8) Sorry, I didn’t know I was on the clock!- Self Help
This book would have a 256 step plan for those whose lives are troubled by those who actually want them to show up on time.
9) Fruit Cup with Dad – Inspirational
The story of a young woman who makes dinner for ailing father twice a week and the deep discussions they share…when he’s not bitching about aches and pains or complaining about her cooking. It’s a tear jerker!
10)Dr. Phan arrives on Tuesday- Spy Thriller
A young intern at a research lab is assigned to pick up a visiting scientist from the airport. Only to find him dead and stuffed in his own luggage! Who would kill such a boring man and can our hero expense out his airport parking ticket?


Next challenge, please!


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