12 Days of Writing – M.A.’s day 2 character sketch

Wow, this is a tough one. It’s funny how I don’t like the idea of melding a personality I like with an outer appearance I don’t like. Does that make me shallow? Or Pollyanna? I don’t know.

But here goes…

George is tall and wide…very, very wide. He has sweaty fingers and drooping eyelids, and the word he brings to mind is puffy. George is definitely puffy.

He’s also one of the funniest people you will ever meet. But you’d never know it unless you really got to know him.

You see, George is quiet a lot of the time, watching everything. He’s solid and reliable, going about his business when things need to get done. In fact, he’s a thoughtful guy. He’ll be thinking a thousand things. But he doesn’t often express them. And he’s very careful with his words. As in, you

But he’s also very witty. And that trait only comes out when he feels relaxed in your presence. It’s like he holds the real George back until he sees he can trust you. But when he knows he can trust you, the smarts and the laughter come out.

Hmm… That’s all I’ve got. This method of character-sketching isn’t so easy for me. But what is a writing challenge worth unless you learn some things from it? I’ll be giving this task more thought.


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