Meg’s Character Sketch –Writing Challenge

I’ll admit it…this one gave me pause!

Here we go…

Jackie never mentions where she lives and she never invites anyone over to her house. Once I had to drop something off there. I couldn’t tell you my surprise when I pulled out outside of a home that must have been featured in some glossy, house beautiful type of magazine.

But that’s just Jackie. She would never think of telling anyone she was a member of one of the oldest, most influential families in town. She wears the image of old money comfortably and subtly, like the small diamond stud earrings she always has on.

Granted she’s overweight, grossly overweight. And her body is lumpy in places, not at all smooth or rounded. In some clothes she reminds me of a bag stuffed to the breaking point of items of all different sizes and shapes. You can just kind of make out what they might be under her clothes.

Her teeth are large and the front two are a little off center. But you get used to them because Jackie is always smiling. She is the one everyone wants to sit by. Her wicked sense of humor is notorious. Count on Jackie to say the most outrageous things, but never, ever would she be cruel.

Jackie’s mess of brown hair, truly is a mess most of the time. But I guess she never has time to brush it due to her busy schedule. Up at 5am every single day, Jackie volunteers her days for her children’s school or any community program she deems worthy. According to Jackie, she hasn’t found one yet that’s not!

And Jackie is the best in the world for advice. She will listen to you intently and then with a thoughtful smile she’ll lean over close and say,”We can get this figured out. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’ll help.” And you know she will. And it makes it okay.

Both of these women are friends.


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