Twelve Day Plan – Donna’s Day Four – Agent query

Day 4:
Write a letter to an agent telling her how wonderful you are.

After two or three tries to complete today’s challenge, I decided I was just not willing to put a “real” agent query letter out to be viewed by the public. So, instead, I’m writing this to that hypothetical agent:

Dear Janet Agentson:

I am an aspiring writer of speculative fiction and horror. I have several short stories already published, and a series of three novels (which will hopefully lead into a longer series) dealing with urban fantasy.

Here’s why you want to represent me:

  1. I write excellent bad guys. I think this is, in part, because I have a hard time understanding someone just being evil, so there’s always a reason, which creates a complex, layered character.
  2. That reader looking for a good, strong, female character? I’m writing for her.
  3. As a ‘pantser,’ my stories tend be rather organic. This is both a weakness and a strength as sometimes I struggle to prune my plots into a conventional story structure, but at the same time, those wild offshoots add unique twists that would never have existed if I’d stuck to an outline.
  4. I write a kick ass action scene.
  5. My horror makes people want to leave the lights on.
  6. My sexy guys make people want to turn the lights down.
  7. My characters have unique voices.
  8. I can take inspiration from anything.
  9. I can make you laugh.
  10. I can make you cry.

I would love the opportunity to further discuss how fantastic I am at your convenience.


Donna A Leahey



One thought on “Twelve Day Plan – Donna’s Day Four – Agent query

  1. Loved it! Especially the last line! I would speak to you about how fantastic you are as the day is long! And we are–we really are! Great job, as usual!

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