Twelve Day Plan – Donna’s Day Five – Write a poem

Day 5:
Write a 20-line poem about a memorable moment in your life.


Once again, I’m making my own rules!

Day five calls for a poem.

I can’t write poems.

I am profoundly envious of people who can.

I have a near PTSD level of reaction to even trying to write something with rhyme and meter. You may think that’s a highly inappropriate analogy, but I’m serious. My heart rate goes up, my anxiety screams in my ears, my hands shake, and I rarely get more than a few lines written before I fling down my pen and walk away –  on occasion nearly crying from the frustration.

So, I got this one line written before the next line drove me to pen flinging: Rain and sleet and ice so cold.

So, I acknowledge my failure as a poet, I own that failure.

Here’s the story I was trying to tell:

The tires broke loose on the ice and my Jeep began a slow, graceful spin across three lanes of I-35. It was slow enough that I had time to identify the cars that might crash into me. I hoped it would be the compact, because I thought the pickup would probably kill me.

Strapped securely into my seat, the heater blasting out warmth, I was comfortable in my dread. I knew there was a chance I was about to die, but I was helpless to do anything about it.

That moment – sitting in a soft seat, in warmth, with my dog beside me, sliding helplessly towards a fate that could be horrible – still exists in my mind. The strange duality of it – fear and comfort in a moment that passed as slowly as molasses drips – I’ve never forgotten it.

It ended when I slammed into a concrete barrier and came to stop. No car hit me. I suffered only a bruise from the seat belt. My dog tumbled into the floor boards and then promptly teleported into my lap. The Jeep suffered some dents.

I sat there, holding a trembling dog, dimly aware of the odor of the coffee  splashed about the interior.

And then I drove on.


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