Day 7 – The Letter!!!

The thing I found most interesting about this challenge is the idea that anyone could find a letter they wrote to themselves six months previously!

Good Gravy! It’s a daily struggle to find my keys!

Well, here we go–

Dear Meg,

Hello! I hope this letter finds you (me?) well.

(Then I sat for awhile staring at the screen…)

If this letter has actually been found it must mean you are getting better organized than you were six months ago, so good for you (me?)!

And I also hope you have kept up the good work you (I?) was doing at that time.

(I have decided to use the Elizabethan “WE” to keep my head from exploding.)

We were rocking it six months ago. Yes, indeed! All systems were a go and we had a green light for launch. Work, kids, family all of it was going swimmingly, so therefore our writing was benefiting.

Maybe in that time you have figured out how to equate your writing more as a job than as a reward. We should take Donna’s approach and write every day, but we don’t and we should.

We have ideas all the time, but we don’t sit down long enough to get them written down. These ideas are a gift from some unknown muse and we are squandering them. Not a good idea!

The world is not going to wait on us, so why should we wait on the world. People seem to like your writing, but it needs polish and we always have an excuse to avoid sitting down, rolling up our sleeves and getting after it. We want to move from writer to “published author” don’t we?

We hope in the six months since we wrote this we achieved a little bit more focus, determination and resilience.

Writing is art and joy and love and all those wonderful things, but it’s also a craft.

It can take years in our workshop of words to mold our sentences and shape our ideas into things of beauty. It takes effort and toil and many, many failures before the raw material of our imaginations are made glorious works of art.

We hope the workroom of our mind is not covered in dust, but messy with a lively, well used air about it.



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