Writing Challenge – Rewrite a Fairy Tale–Groan!!!

What’s the deal with re-writing fairy tales lately?

Geez, it seems like that is in every writing prompt book you can find! I guess I get it in a way….fairy tales are standard story outlines, simple problems and concrete resolutions abound! Kiss the princess, slay the dragon, outwit the bad guy, but now what if that didn’t happen! What? Way to rock my world! OH, Please!

Now Donna, in her previous post, she did a great job with this challenge! A far better job than I would be able to do on this one, so I won’t waste your time and mine trying to come up with something you might look at and sigh, thinking to yourself, “Been there – done that.” before you click away to another blog.

Instead I am going to use my space this week to send a sincere wish out to everyone.

I hope you never have simple problems and concrete resolutions.

I would like nothing better than to hear you are never visited by a fairy godmother or find a golden goose.

Life is complicated and that makes it hard and wonderful and difficult and amazing.

Every challenge you face, every dark cave you enter – do it without magic beans or enchanted swords.

Rapunzel – don’t let down your hair unless you want to. Remember, princes are great, but they can distract you from discovering you own path.

Jack- you don’t have to race off and climb that beanstalk just because it’s there. Maybe you want to just sit by the stream for a while, life goes by so fast.

And writers – keep your own magic book going and never eat an apple too freely given.


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