Twelve Day Plan – Update from Donna

Nope, I haven’t forgotten my twelve day plan, and I haven’t abandoned it.

The reason I started it was because I couldn’t seem to write and I hoped it would jump-start me.

It seems to have worked and I am writing again, so I’ve been concentrating on that. But I will finish the challenge.

The next day calls for me to eavesdrop on a conversation and write a story about what I hear. You may be familiar with my coffee shop dramas with loud conversations and the like, so I thought that would be an easy one for me. Nope. My last visit to a coffee shop yielded exactly one overheard comment – “How’d it go last night?”

I think I’m going to scrap that one and move on to my next overheard conversation in a few days.

In the meantime, back to writing!


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