How in the world did that happen? Entering into a season of thankfulness – with Purple Ink Writers


Yesterday was a big day for the women of Purple Ink Writers.

We hosted a panel at Comic Con…and we were great! Now, now, just stay in your seats and don’t click off thinking this is going to be a post with no more content than self praise and boasting. It’s not.

It’s going to try to be a post about how things move from point A to point B. And how when you get to point B you look back and say, “Did that really happen that way or was that whooshing sound just an illusion?”

In 2014 our writing group struggled with new people. Some who showed up and didn’t fit, others who showed up and ended up being the missing pieces we were looking for. We end 2014 with some new friends we are delighted to travel the literary road with.

In 2014, with the help and unfaltering support of M and D, I actually have my own book on Amazon. I still haven’t ordered a copy even for myself; I’m just a bit afraid to see it as piece of my reality. The fact that it came to be as a direct result of my friendships is a staggering thought which takes my breath away every time.

In 2014, we had our own table at a book event and sold our books! Which is a pretty amazing statement when you consider how many other authors were there and how well we did in comparison!

In 2014, we were asked to visit a public library for a book signing. That cold, rainy Saturday wasn’t our most successful, but it was one I will never forget. The part where D very capably jumped her own car while M and I sat shivering in stupefied awe at her was wonderful moment of automotive education.

In 2014, we set a deadline and a challenge for each of us to write a paranormal romance and we all failed miserably. Only M, who is showing a side of herself which she has kept hidden for a while, is advancing on that goal in her always expert manner.

In 2014, D took a good, long look at a long standing work and decided to do some serious rewriting. Seeing the results of this painful process has been rewarding to no end and gives me courage to move forward with some rewriting I have been putting off.

In 2014, after lots of excuses, I finally set up a writing schedule for myself which I’ve stuck to so far.

In 2014, I moved from being a “free, flowing, writing by the seat of my pants” writer to a “focused, outline, deadline driven” writer because I finally figured out I can’t actually control time. Bummer!

In 2014, I tried to write a terribly, dark story with profound meaning and no humor. Yep, I still only have a couple of pages on that one!

In 2014, we fought, we failed, we had ideas that were wonderful and some that were terrible. We helped each other, we listened, we ate together, heard each other and by the direct result of all these interactions, we scarred, smoothed and changed each other.

Yesterday at Comic Con we performed as a well oiled machine. Each part separate, unique and working together.

Who knows what lies around the next bend on the river?


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