Animals and Blank Space -A Lesson in Pop Culture Stupidity and Violence


Listen up, class!

We are going to start our lesson in pop culture today by reviewing two music videos. Maroon 5’s Animals and Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. I hope everyone has done their homework and clicked over to YouTube. If not, take a moment to review- we will wait.

Are you back? Good. Please turn to page 159 of your text book, “Odd Pop Culture in 2014.” Yes, it’s the chapter right after Downton Abbey vs. Dexter. Now let’s get started.

Maroon 5 Animals-
He’s a butcher. Get it! He’s a butcher! All that cute girl wants in the world is to order her enormous side of beef and walk unmolested in sexy garters down a seedy street minding her own business. But no! The butcher(let me know if you don’t get the filmmakers subtly on that) has to break into her apartment, creep around in her bedroom and take unsolicited photos of her.

All I can say is- were there any women involved in the making of this video at all?

We will not be counting Adam Levin’s new 22 year old wife who just happens to be the blood soaked object of his affection because she is little more than a girl in real life. Clearly no one has taken her aside to say, “Sugar, he’s not being nice to you. Being stalked is a BAD thing.”

But let’s move on.

Okay, he’s dancing in the meat locker..he’s covering his own body in blood..he’s wearing rubber gloves. Maybe all of this shocking imagery is trying to turn our attention away from the lyrics. Frankly it’s a little hard for me to get the full creep out factor while hearing such classic lines as, “Don’t lie, lie, lie” and “the beast inside, side, side.” Side, side, side? Again the butcher imagery returns.

This video is such an overblown male fantasy with so many tropes I’m surprised they didn’t throw in a sports bar and had the 22 year old girl seductively eating a hot dog in a French maids outfit!

Note to Maroon 5 –
1) Women are not turned on by creepy stalkers. 2) We don’t appreciate being view only by our physical attributes and yes! We soo get the butcher allusion! 3) Comparing sexual acts to acts of violence will not get you a second date. 4) No woman, no matter if she is a Victorias Secret Model or a Bond girl or a Playboy bunny, actually sleeps in a thong. In reality, if she didn’t know you were there taking pictures of her sleeping she would be in sweat pants.

Well, there’s the bell.

Tomorrow we will be looking at Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. Review tonight for homework.

(To be continued…..)


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