Maroon 5, Animals and Taylor Swift’s, Blank Space – Lesson 2!


Alright, class! Settle down!

No one is watching the Taylor Swift Blank Space video unless I get a signed permission slip with your name on it. I’ve already been called into the Dean’s office about showing such shocking stuff.

Okay, here we go!

So, here we see a classically beautiful Taylor Swift just hanging around her huge mansion with some horses and a cat. Later they walk some Dobermans and we see deer standing in the house. I’m not sure what we are supposed to glean from the animal imagery….rich white girls like pets or liking animals implies you are a little eccentric? We can come back to that.

Moving on! The young man is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, the clothes are beautiful everyone’s happy. Until….yes, there she goes! Taylor seems to be getting a little upset with the lovely young man for texting someone else.

Wow! That’s some pretty shocking imagery! She drops his phone in the pond! She throws a flower pot!

What’s that whimpering? Boys, stop crying! You managed to hold it together when I showed A Clockwork Orange. Man up!

More violent imagery- clothes are cut with scissors…pants are set on fire..badly painted portraits are destroyed. Oh, here’s a good part! There is that pretty little thing just singing away about how “boys only want love if it’s torture” while using some kind of voodoo magic thing to mess with pretty boy’s pretty head.
Cool, right? Now it’s onto the old golf club to the car montage.

What’s that noise? What? Ralph’s fainted? Well, call the nurse and hit the lights!

Ralph? Ralph! Yes, Ralph, I understand the significance of the car imagery to the male psyche. I’m sure that was a stunt car and no real cars were damaged during the filming of this imagery.

Let’s talk about why male viewers of this video find it so upsetting.

Taylor Swift is so pretty! Pretty girls don’t get mad! Sure, occasionally they might get weepy, but men are used to that and it’s easily solved with flowers and candy. And what right does she have to get mad anyway? He is a great looking guy! Surely she realizes how lucky she is that he likes her? Of course, he doesn’t really contribute to the relationship much does he? I don’t see him doing anything other than eat HER food, ride HER bicycle or white horse and stay in HER house. He isn’t even the one carving their initials in the tree! What’s that matter, good looking? Afraid of pocket knives?

What Taylor Swift has done in this video is amplified some stereotypes and had fun with them. She’s not actually insane, but is throwing that word out to the whole world and saying, “You think I’m crazy? You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

As we have seen so many times – men like women to be docile and compliant and pretty and grateful and predictable. And when that doesn’t happen the female is labeled crazy, unstable or horror of horrors- a real Bitch!

Did anyone catch the end of the video? Pretty boy runs away in his beat up car and another pretty boy arrives to take his place. And little Taylor-well, she’s just fine and dressed to the nines once again. She’s not scared or even upset pretty boy one has run away…she’s more than ready to take on pretty boy two.

Scary…right, guys?


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