Happy New Year

Hello world.

It’s a shiny new year and here we all are. So far, doesn’t feel so different from last year, but there’s always that sense that something has changed when you wake up on New Years Days.

The last month or so I have seriously neglected my duties to this blog and to my fellow Purple Ink Writers, so my apologies and I here make a commitment to doing better going forward. In all things.

Many of us make resolutions with the turn of the new year. I’m not calling these resolutions, but I am going to call them “Writing Career Goals.”

  1. Publish my anthology. I have quite a few short stories sitting around begging to be put into an anthology and published. I will try to get that out by March.
  2. Learn GIMP. I downloaded it and was quite promptly intimidated by all the options. I’m going to start going through the tutorials. I may never be a graphics artist, but I’d like to at least try to craft a book cover for that anthology.
  3.  We have talked about trying to podcast – I am going to commit to learning how to do it and launch our podcast this year.
  4. I’ve been good about writing – or at least working on my writing (revising, planning, et al) daily. I’m going to continue doing that.

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2015 be better than 2014!


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