My top ten list of fiction writing tips

writing tips one

Recently I’ve been seeing a #writingprompt going around encouraging writers to create their own list of writing tips. It sounded like fun to me! So, here it is, my first list of tips for writing fiction:

Ten Tips for Writing Fiction

by Donna A Leahey

  1. When you elevate your word choice, you should be careful not to elevate it right past the meaning of the word.
  2. You can disregard any writing rule you like as long as you’ve got the writing chops to make it work.
  3. Writer’s Block doesn’t exist. Either make yourself keep typing words, or walk away and do something else for a few minutes, but don’t give yourself the excuse of saying you have “writer’s block.”
  4. Bad guys don’t think of themselves as evil. They always believe what they’re doing is justified in some way or another.
  5. You’ve got to make me care about your character before I’m going to care about his backstory.
  6. A good, well-used trope is a writer’s best friend.
  7. Don’t try to write a male character or a female character. Write a character.writing tips two
  8.  Beginning a story is easy. Continuing that story is difficult. Finishing the story? That deserves a medal.
  9. Don’t worry about your writer’s tics until it’s time to revise. Then kill them with fire.
  10. You have to find your own process. Ignore anyone who tells you there’s only one right way to write. Find what works for you, then seek constantly to improve it.

2 thoughts on “My top ten list of fiction writing tips

  1. I love number 8. It reminds me of dragging myself through finishing a project – often it’s a real challenge but it’s always worth it and always deserves a celebration. 🙂

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