10 Rules of Writing Fiction – Meg’s List


What are my 10 Rules of Writing Fiction? Do I have 10 Rules? Do I have Rules? Hmmmm…Let’s open the lid and see what I can come up with!

1) Invest in your tools. Writing is an art form and the tools you use to write need to reflect this. I don’t mean you should use paper hand pressed in Italy or state of the art voice recognition software, but if you have that one pen which fits your hand just right, cherish it, use it. And when writing a poignant scene, don’t do it on the back of a phone bill.

2) If you are bored – your reader will be. If you have gotten to the stage of pounding out something just to put words on a page–your not writing. Don’t be so tied to something you can’t leave it.

3) Write in lots of different places. Don’t get sucked into,”But this is my writing room or chair or time..” It’s a big world out there a change of place might bring new insight.

4) You are a human being who writes not a writer who is a human being. Well, this is pet peeve number 999999999! A very good writer told me this once and it stuck with me. Writing is a gift-just like all the other artistic gifts. If you are lucky enough to have this gift don’t say “Hi! I’m Bob and I’m a writer!” How about “Hi! I’m Bob and I write.” Verb not noun.

5) Go on the story with your characters. I am all about trying to experience what my characters experience. Walk in the woods and see what that feels like for your traveling character. Watch a stranger from across a room for your spy character. Don’t eat for a whole day for your starving character. Remember you put them on that road, gave them that assignment or took away their food. The least you can do is experience it with them.

Okay– I got 5 before I got stuck!

Will I come up with more……????


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