Stop The Bullying – #Heroes4Rachel

As a geek girl who loves super heroes and gaming and action movies, this makes me sad. Girls do not need a pink aisle. Why can’t they just be “toys?”

Legion of Leia

One of my personal goals as a geek is to lead by example, which in most cases means following “Wheaton’s Law“. In fact, I’ve always taken pride in trying to include anyone who might want to be more geeky. The way I see it, the more people we convert, the better. “Geek” isn’t a members only club, it’s a term to express a devotion to books, games, television, movies, et al; and is in now way meant to exclude an individual. Which is why, when my friends Nathan and Beth Laws visited me recently they told me a story about their daughter Rachel I found myself angry, quite frankly. After that passed though I realized I wanted to make this into a story. When I pitched the idea to Legion of Leia founder Jenna Busch, she told me to get in contact with Nathan immediately as she felt…

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