Comfort Crack


Remember Sesame Street?

“What do these three items have in common?”

Give up, Big Bird?

They are all representations of my “comfort crack” – my friends!

I could have filled this blog up with images or created a million volume set as lately I have been flooded, showered, barraged and in other words, blessed profusely with acts of kindness from my friends.

Ever had one of those days where you get all Sally Field, “You like me! You really like me!”

Admit it! It can seem like those days are few and far between. Most often our days are more like, “I’ll be back.” With us mentally wearing our Arnold sunglasses mentally ready to take down the next jerk we encounter.

I can’t possibly thank everyone enough, so I am going to take a moment to list out as many thank you’s as I can. I am using first initials only, but you know who you are!

D- thanks for always, always giving me perspective and allowing me to be on the list of people who can call before 9am–I know it’s a short list!
M- thanks for always putting on your “wisdom hat” for me and for reminding me to take a breath.
R- thanks for actually buying me edible bugs and leaving them anonymously on my desk. That conversation took place a month ago!
B- thanks for brining in your tattoo book and giving me the name of someone who specializes in “first timers.”
M- thanks for jumping in and stopping me every time I almost butcher that new girl’s name.
S-thanks for texting me in the middle of the day with the good news that you found some candy in your desk and it was still good.
T-thanks for always, always, dying your beard green on St. Patricks day and sending me a picture. How many years now, 25?
M-thanks for offering to have a cook out at your house when I cancelled my party.
D-thanks for letting me help you during this really tough time.
P- thanks for texting me out of the blue and telling me we are going out to eat when you get back. “No excuses!”
T- thanks for always making me laugh so hard and always drinking Bud Light no matter where we are.
C-thanks for the rose. It will be in my heart forever.
T- thanks for always wanting to know what I’m reading.
M- thanks for suffering thorough that horrible social event with me and laughing about it later.
K-thanks for listening and telling me to keep going.
A-thanks for hiding the best books for me to look at first when they come in.
C- thanks for always, always answering my texts at 5am.
W- thanks for staying close even though we haven’t actually been in the same room together for over a year now.
R- thanks for being my surrogate sister and telling me your door is always open for a visit.

This is a small gesture, but I wanted to do something!


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