REBLOGGED: …and suddenly, I have an opinion about the Hugo Awards.

Well said.

A fellow writer comments on the Huge Award controversy:

Words That Burn Like Fire

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset: I don’t have a horse in this race. I never voted in the Hugos, never bought or read a story because it won one, and I’m not nominated.

Hell, yesterday morning I would have been hard pressed to remember it was a literary award.

But then a friend posted a story, and this other story. And it led to a blog. And that led to another blog. And that led to another blog. I tried to talk about it with other authors, and found myself telling off someone who didn’t know the difference between doxxing and harassment.

Suddenly, I had an opinion about the Hugos.

And I really didn’t want one.

See, I don’t really like awards or award shows. There’s always allegations of campaigning, snubs, or just plain wrong headedness.

And I…

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