The best time of the day–for writing paralysis


It’s now 09:44am on a Sunday morning.

I’m still stilling on my porch.

I have been out here since around 730am, but don’t worry, I did get dressed.

This morning I came outside as I do every morning, to drink my coffee and veg a little bit before I begin always busy day. On my list of things to do today- 1) finish laundry, 2) pay bills electronically, 3) organize some work papers, 4) run some errands. It’s a time consuming list, but all must be done to keep the family unit going.

And I’m still sitting here…..not moving.

I have a big Magnolia tree in my front yard which delivers the perfect amount of shade to my porch. This morning when I came out I noticed one of the blossoms was just about ready to open. Since I have been out here, it has started to open up, slowly as the sun shifts positions on it, helping it. That quiet, creamy, vanilla scented blossom has moved more than I have this morning. Well, good for it. I don’t feel ashamed.

On my to do list for today was this entry, “rework first chapter.” Hmmmm….I don’t think I see that happening today. I love to write and read and all the other things we writers do, but today the bright, blue sky and vibrant green of the leaves and the powdery, bubble gum pink of my neighbors enormous hydrangea bush have all conspired against me.

In front of me is a small silkworm hanging onto the thinest of threads hanging down from a new Magnolia leaf. Every time a breeze comes up it is cast just slightly horizontally, but it’s delicate cord doesn’t break. Softly it says to me, “Watch me. I can make it to the leaf moving only a millimeter at a time.”

I’m watching.

My dog is next to me snoring. My notebook and pen are poised and ready. My coffee is stone cold.

I have the time, the tools and the goal……but that darn silkworm.


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