I wish……


Writing wishes….I wish a lot of things, but if I could only have three?

Well, that’s easy.

The first wish…

I wish I could write from my skin. I wish there was some kind of magic pill or new machine where you could take how it felt standing on the beach at sunset or sitting on a rock in a quiet open space, right after the rain and transfer that onto paper; easily without effort. Can you imagine the dizzying effect on the reader when they read the passage about exploring the woods and they can actually hear the cicadas screaming or feel the soft moss or smell the musty, decaying leaves under their feet?

The second wish…

I wish to meet my characters. I want to meet them for lunch or take them for coffee. I wouldn’t do anything as stupid or crass as pointing out they were figments of my imagination or try to ask them leading questions about what might happen in chapters four or five. But I’d love to share a bit of bourbon with Colton Harris, one of my charming villains or eat a salad with Molly Baxter, a lovable, anxious older woman or go antiquing with Paul, a sexy, but very odd man. They are so real to me, how wonderful it would be to bring them to life even if it was only for an hour or so.

The third wish…

I wish to go along with them. I want to zip up my jacket, pull out my flashlight and go explore the creepy, old house on the hill with Luke, Seth and Eric. I want to ride horses in the field behind Biscuit and Petty’s house with Alex and Paula. I want to take the boat out, standing next to Annie when we finally arrive at McClain’s rocky island home.

Just for a while, I want to break into the paper…


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