If I Could Have Three Wishes…

I often wonder what I would do if someone came along and offered me three wishes. I’m not exactly the best at having a plan ahead of time, and I expect I’d totally get caught off guard by a genie showing up and making me an offer. Which is why this topic is a little tougher for me than my fellow Purple Inkers.

What would I ask for if I could have three wishes come true for my writing? Hmm…

three_wishesFirst, I’d ask for more time.

I know, I know. We make time for the things we care about. If you’re not making time for something, maybe it doesn’t matter to you as much as you claim.

The thing is, my writing matters to me a lot. The problem is, I write all day long for my day job, and sometimes by the evening, I’m toast.

I wish I had more time for the writing I love the most – my own writing, my creative ideas, my fiction, my passionate soapbox topics. It’s not easy to write for other people all day long, sharing their messages, and then have the energy to pour into my own creative work.

Perhaps what I need is more energy, but it’s hard to imagine that without having more time.

Second, I’d ask for more clarity.

I have so many ideas. So, so many. I always laugh when people ask where I get my ideas because that’s never a challenge for me. Ideas show up at all times. That’s the easy part.

The hard part is to take those ideas and shape them into a coherent plot that leads from start to finish. I’m a pantser, not a plotter, and that can make things hard on me. So, I wish I had a clearer vision ahead of time where the story is going and how to get there. I feel like that would make it much easier to take my many ideas and complete the stories I want to tell instead of getting lost in the middle.

Third, I’d ask for more playfulness.

That may sound odd. So let me explain.

Art is hard work. It is not easy. Genuinely good art is not something you do quickly and without a lot of thought. It takes sweat. It is birthed out of lessons learned. And that’s perfectly fine. I have no problem with that.

Personally, though, I tend to get very serious with my writing. And sometimes, I wonder how I can make the process more fun, more silly, more playful. Because art has a therapeutic quality too, and the therapy part comes from joy as much as it comes from catharsis. I’ve got the purging part down. I’d like more of the playful side.


Fourth, I’d like more money.

Yes, I am aware I’ve only got three wishes. The genie is now annoyed, wagging his finger at me and reminding me I’m cheating. But really, there isn’t a single serious writer I know who doesn’t wish they were independently wealthy so the only thing they need to do in the course of the day is create their art.

If I don’t mention this, I wouldn’t be honest. But I don’t want a ton of money. All I want is enough to know that I have the freedom to create. And money gives you time and freedom. It doesn’t give you clarity or playfulness. So, I’d get half of what I want for free, and the other half, I’d have to work for.

Sounds pretty much like the bottom line for anyone who wants to create something.


2 thoughts on “If I Could Have Three Wishes…

  1. I feel you so, so, so much on the clarity one! I don’t really have an excuse for time. I’m terrible at time management, and I know it, though I also am coming to embrace the fact that I do just function at a slower pace than most of society. But I still waste a lot of time.

    And playfulness, yes. Or perhaps, rather, I’d wish for to be more joyful. Life has shaped me into a very somber person, and sometimes I do want to just… not be somber. So yes. More playfulness, more joy.

    And who couldn’t use more money with our economy!

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