Yes, there we are, in our boat, out rowing on some pristine lake at either dawn or sunset….not!!

When I tried to find a good picture of an all woman team I found a lot of great pictures of women who are clearly not us. I tried to find a very general picture lest you think we all had rock hard abs, were in our twenties or were somehow related to the glorious USA Women’s soccer team. All of those are a negative! By the way, when you Google “rowing teams” you get a lot of naked people, is this a thing?

Anyway, our topic today is teamwork and boy, is that working for us right now! In the past few weeks we have spent much time and effort on working as the group Purple Ink Writers and it has been wonderful. We are truly firing on all cylinders!

Our little group has been around for a while now and I am proud as punch to tell you our roots have grown solid, which makes each of our branches stronger. We are marketing together, attending conferences together, sharing our time and talent with each other without any one of us trying to gain a position of power. So comfortable have we become with each other that each of us brings the best they have to the table every single time!

Trust among writers can be hard to win, as we can be a prickly bunch of anxiety ridden wackos at times. But Purple Ink, seems to have make it over the breakers and the open ocean awaits.

So let’s raise a glass to recognize all those friends and moments in all our lives when we cast aside our egos, our protective armor, or fears and work with other’s who have done the same. Teams can be scary, tough, unbalanced and apparently naked at times.

But sometimes…..well, you know!


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